Shahida Rahman Munney

Don’t know!!
Shahida Rahman Munney

You are the part of my life and beat of my heart,I can’t think of a single moment without you..
Is it’s love? Don’t know!
My sound and silence both are useless in absence of you,my open eyes you in there and even close eyes also you,
Is it’s love? Don’t know!

My breath alive just when I see you as a greenlight,I lost word to explain me and myself,an unseen pleasure play’s with me like heaven flavour…
Is it’s love? Don’t know!

Feel and feel than makes a feelings,once I’m use to believe this, but now end of day I was wrong,I understand,we feel those people who are lying in the grave,we feel them very much but they can’t, so it’s means not feel and feel makes a feelings! If it’s true how can you leave me? how can you be away from me?

My crying, laughing, sound and silence everything just for you, but you don’t have…
Is it’s love? Don’t know!

Infront of lots, aloneness covered in absence of someone, and no body here or there just present of someone fulfill as a lots like you always to me, no need anybody, anything if just you in me, nothing impossible to do or not do, your magnetic power pull’s me to you in the glorious world of love….
Is it’s love? Really I don’t know…..!!!

Yes I’m hear !!

Hearing I’m hearing,
What ever you say-
Promise I countdown,
every moments in day.

Who are the lucky,
As me as tell-
Eye’s are crying happy,
Like a dew jell.
Make my life garden -getting you dear-
What ever you say baby, listen I’m hear.

Darkness in my life,
Get a lots light –
Just your sweet touch,
wrongs became right.
Dancing with lot dreams,forget all tear-
What ever you say darling, really I’m hear.

Million Billion thousand pound,
This just a Number –
Love you only exchange heart,
Just it’s Remember.
This life or life those,You only my dear-
What ever you say baby, really I’m hear !!

Do I Love You?

Again and again,
you return my sense, that’s mean not I love you,
Do I Love you?
When I’m fully alone,
I get you as a real, you walk with me, talk with me, you cry and laugh with me,
that’s mean not I love you,
Do I Love you?

When I would like to sleep,
you’re noising with me silently by dreams,
You are touch with me as like air,
You give me a glorious world,
that’s mean not I love you,
Do I Love you?
Last stage of desire,
Every breath’s demand just you, I can’t think even a single moment without you,
That’s mean not I love you,
Do I Love you???

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