Yes I’m hear !!

এপ্রিল ২৯, ২০১৯
romantic poems for him Yes I am hear

romantic poems for him Yes I’m hear Written by Shahida Rahman Munney

Hearing I’m hearing,
What ever you say-
Promise I countdown,
every moments in day.

Who are the lucky,
As me as tell-
Eye’s are crying happy,
Like a dew jell. 
Make my life garden -getting you dear-
What ever you say baby, listen I’m hear.

You read Yes I’m hear romantic poems for him.

Darkness in my life,
Get a lots light –
Just your sweet touch, 
wrongs became right.
Dancing with lot dreams,forget all tear-
What ever you say darling, really I’m hear.

Million Billion thousand pound,
This just a Number –
Love you only exchange heart,
Just it’s Remember. 
This life or life those,You only my dear-
What ever you say baby, really I’m hear !!

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