English romantic poem by Dalan jahan

Dalan Jahan

Date of publication; 20.10.2020

I walk towards him
Whom I have never seen
The way I became waiting
and being path for him
who has nothing to lose.

I make my vision like him
Who has never seen the light of Soul
No poverty greater than darkness
in my feelings.

I search this face that is
more colorless than water
I search One village
That is smaller than an insect

on incessant rain
Wet printed mask on the window
From a drop of tears New rivers are created
Destiny just writes the name of time.

Power of love
Dalan Jahan

Indian Sea is like a death shock
to the face of nature
Black evening of a persecution
when the waking words
with an application of force leave the

The fire burns, Peoples burns
Death color like the devil
the urine is like of water
Burns ! burns .

There is no court of justice
There is no Hospice anywhere
Every prayers are for the devil
Those who control our emotions.

So this is the best time
to deny the devil.
The best time to deny the killer.
Best time to undesired them
Best time to burn them
with the power of love and love.

He has gone this way
Dalan Jahan

Long-term wounds
He has gone this way
How many shades of flowers are inclined
He has walked far and wide in faraway places.
Crowded petals broke
He never hurts for him
Hemant’s looted mall
The emotional emotional stroke
Somebody in the mind of the thought, did not rush
But how many times have they gone this way?

Every time in the darkness of gulf
He picked up, austere eye
Book far away from the road left
She was crying so loudly
The tree star gazes wet the eyes.

There were guests who were guests
They were sunflower arriving songs
It was a great day to celebrate every day
All of you are sunflower
He seems to have just gone this way.

Flower of love
Dalan Jahan

There are eyes in the eyes,
Look deeper
The temporal atmosphere,
Obesity is a strong green shade,
Where the sun is a nectar,
The Heavenly Temporal Heaven.

Eager birds to listen to music,
Tears fall in tears,
Loads of breath,
Earth’s weight is glazed
Draw flowers to love in the calendar.

The wind tends to favor the flow,
Piece of ice,
Women and children, the vibrating embryo,
Do you have eyes
Look deeply.

Your kisses
Dalan Jahan

Your kisses are imaginary

I am famished.
A storm like a tsunami swept
through my ocean.
It sinks in like a half-dead fish
and floats on my religion tower.

Ginger, gives up the head
the cells of the unconscious jacket’s soul.
The scandalous printing house
becomes the face of human beings.

English romantic poem by Dalan jahan

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