About little magazine kobitay jagoron :

About Bangla little magazine kobitay jagoron A Popular Little Magazine of Bangladesh. The purpose is kobitay jagoron to find out the latent talented writers of the country. There is a publishing poem in Bangla language. In this magazine, the collection of poems from various poets and each text is verified by checking the text.

Our purpose is to bind poets and poems in a single bond and help the publishers reach their books, magazines, and journals with more people.

There are many talented writers in our society. Those who leave their writing because there is no proper place and opportunity to present their talents.

Bangla little magazine Kobitay jagoron is a popular magazine in Bangladesh. You can publish your own written Poem, Rhymes, Novel, Limerick, Little Story, and many more Literature items.

By making new poems and poets in front of everyone, creating numerous readers of Bengali poetry and establishing an arbiter of poet and readers is our personal goal.

We give you a platform where you can present your talent to the country and the world by taking our membership.

About the Editor:

Editor and Writer Lion Shahida Rahman Munney is an Editor of kobitayjagoron. She was born Rangpur District in Bangladesh. She’s Father’s name is Hafizur Rahman Sarkar and Mother’s name Razia Sultana. She has eight siblings.

Little Magazine Kobitay jagoron Editor Lion Shahida Rahman Munney, She’s presence is in almost all branches of literature. She also earned fame as a lyricist.

She’s poetry demands special attention to the readers. Every step of his poem goes straight ahead. The content of poetry is evident in nature, love, harmony, as well as the spheres of the mother, soil, country and humanity. The honors he received for his contribution to the literature…

About Bangla little magazine kobitay jagoron:

  • Great poet Alawal Gunijon sonmanona 2013 for his special contribution in poetry. Click Here
  • National Poet Nazrul Islam Gunijon sonmanona 2013 Click Here
  • Vasa Sarok Sonmanona 2015 For special contribution to children’s literature Click Here
  • Shadhinota Gunijon Sonmanona 2015 For the special contribution to the editing of Little Magazine Click Here

Shahida Rahman Munney completed Masters in Bangla from Dhaka University in 2011. Her Husband’s Name Zakir Hossain, She has two sons.

In 2006 published her first poetry “Jonakir-Alo“. “Ebong-o-otoeb” her second poetry that published in 2007. Other books name given below:







About Co-Editor

Mohammad Rezaul Hossain Sarkar is a Co-Editor of kobitayjagoron. He is a professional SEO Expert and Graphic Designer in PNS Media. Basically Online activities of kobitayjagoron Only manage by him.

Rezaul Hossain did complete SEO course from (BASIS) Institute of Technology & Management (BITM). He is comfortable to work in SEO & Digital Marketing areas. Like:- Search Engine Optimization (Keyword research, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO).

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus,& Video). Add On’s & Extensions (Google Webmasters Tools & Google Analytics)

Bangla Little magazine Conclusion:-

If you visit here the first time to kobitay jagoron, Welcome you to kobitay jagoron from Shahida Rahman Munney and Rezaul Hossain, and let us invite you to sign up for our free weekly e-mail newsletter, which keeps you posted about upcoming poets, special editorial features, and poetry news and reviews.

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